Orioles Sweep Rays!

Baltimore rejoices in an opening series that is pretty much the exact opposite of last year.

Zach Britton started today and pitched six innings, striking out six and allowing only one earned one. Britton earned the win as the Orioles busted out late again taking advantage of the Rays’ bullpen to win the game 5-1.

A couple thoughts:

Wieters has had an amazing opening weekend. he has caught well, called a tremendous game, played his position well and today he had a multi-hit game scoring a run and knocking in the Orioles first run on an RBI single.

Adam Jones got his first two hits today and a stolen base.

The defense continued to shine today save for a botched grounder to Reynolds in the ninth everyone was on point.

I am telling you all this right now, at the end of the year we will look back at the JJ Hardy deal and begin making plans to erect a statue of Andy MacPhail downtown. The fact we got him for so little is quite amazing to me.

Tampa without Longoria, who landed on the 15-day DL last night, the Tampa offense looks very very weak. Manny and Damon are not the threats they were last decade and there is not a single power threat on that team outside of Zobrist. Their bench was played a lot today, and it looks weak.

But most importantly the Orioles are coming home UNDEFEATED! Frankly there is only one way to express this:

Picard approves

Great job boys, lets keep it going against the Tigers tomorrow. I can not wait, I fully expect downtown Baltimore to be a complete madhouse.

Yes Buck, I am ready.