On your marks…

Despite what some of the more alarmist factions of Orioles fandom may have been saying, there has not been a “must win” game or series yet this year. There have been games and series that would have greatly benefited the team if they had won (many of which they have) but nothing has risen to […]

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankee third baseman, has been suspended by Major League baseball for his role in the ever expanding Biogenesis scandal. Rodriguez is has been accused of attempting to recruit players to the now defunct clinic as well obstructing the investigation. Though he claims he has not used performance enhancing drugs since he […]

Opinions, I have them

The Orioles will be in direct contention for the top spot in the AL East through September. They just keep winning games on a consistent, sustainable level. They haven’t gone on any huge Tampa or Toronto-esque runs, but those runs aren’t sustainable. What the Orioles are doing is. It will be close, but if they […]

Impressions at the Break

The Baltimore Orioles are a neat and tidy 10 games over .500, yet they are in third place behind a Red Sox team that simply refuses to lose games and a resurgent Tampa Bay team that obscenely feasted on a soft schedule leading up to the break. The Yankees may be on life support but […]

On Expectations

After the Orioles’ sweep over the Yankees I wrote a post called “The psychology of winning,” then life happened and I didn't get a chance to post it. Basically it was about how this team simply knows how to win. They aren't fazed by the great Yankee mystique anymore and, while the Yankee lineup is […]

On streaks, the bullpen, and Birdland

On Streaks The Toronto Blue Jays have won 10 games in a row and sit one game over .500. The Blue Jays’ run has been mightily impressive. They have been getting amazing production from their bullpen and the offense finally seems to be gelling together. That being said, I sincerely doubt that the Jays will […]

Orioles improve to 10 games over 500

The Orioles beat the Boston Red Sox today, before a packed house of Orioles’ orange, 6-3. Michael Gonzalez was great and the bullpen came in and slammed the door shut.  All in all it was just another day in Baltimore as sights like this have become almost too common. The starting pitching is fine, but […]

Tragedy at Camden

Writing a baseball blog is supposed to be a fun hobby. I get to write about my favorite team, post funny memes and basically faff about on the internet in between responsibilities both professional and personal. But every so often something happens that I simply cannot ignore and I have to take a detour in […]

Photo of the Year

…so far. From the Baltimore Sun, this might be one of the best baseball photos of the year. Homeplate Umpire Greg Gibson clears the plate so Chris Dickerson can officially score his game-winning walk-off three-run homer.  Amazing. Great shot by Sun photographer Karl Merton Ferron. 

Those Damn Yankees

How do the Yankees do it? Seriously, year after year the seemingly ageless New York Yankees continue to be at the top of the division. This year has been the worst of it. The lineup is essentially spare parts and Robinson Cano. Lyle Overbay routinely bats clean-up. The rusted behemoth Travis Hafner sits behind him […]

Thoughts on Mid May

  The baseball season has reached a sort of weird, uninteresting part of the calendar. It’s not early, it certainly isn’t late. Nothing is being won right now, but there is lot that seems likely lost. And unless you are more than 20 games removed from .500, in either direction, there is nothing that can […]

The First Struggles

  Losers of three straight, after last night’s failed comeback, Birdland fans are getting their first taste of struggle in 2013. Miguel Gonzalez has missed starts, Freddy Garcia has been middling at best in the rotation; Jason Hammel has gotten rocked his last couple of starts, and Jim Johnson blew his first save of the […]

On Dealing with Success

  The Baltimore Orioles are successful. They are a successful baseball team. They are winning consistently, honestly, and they are doing it with ease. I sit here on a beautiful overcast Baltimore morning and the Orioles are currently tied with the Boston Red Sox with the best record in the American League. How do I […]

About the New York Series

  After the first 12 games of the season the Orioles sit at 6-6. Their record is such after a lackluster performance in the Bronx that was capped off by a disappointing showing on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. One could make the argument that the Orioles should have taken that series. One could make the […]