Thoughts on the Bird Before Spring Training

Based on the so-called inactivity by many, including the media about the Orioles and their lack of spending, it has been concluded that their offseason has been a failure.

However, listening to the State of the Orioles on Saturday, most Oriole fans listened to Dan Duquette and gave the team the benefit of the doubt. I expected him to be torched by the fans, but everyone gave him an open mind.

Honestly, Duquette held himself accountable and explained the team's

methodology. Well, the Orioles want to build from within internally, using the draft and the free agent market sparingly. After hearing him talk, it made a lot of sense, sounded smart and isn't reckless

A good, solid plan, but will that appease us fans?

I really don't care for much for signing players that may be low-risk, high-reward like Delmon Young, Jemile Weeks or Alex Gonzalez, but they have a core they can still and should build around.

It looks like they are hoping for the young talent on the team (like Henry Urrita), and especially on the pitching front (think Zach Britton, Kevin Gausman and Dylan Bundy) to succeed.

I think that's their end game and goal.

The Orioles obviously do not have the market size or financial wherewithal of the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, but I do feel that they should have gotten a piece or two to compliment the current roster.

They still have more work to do and Duquette admitted it himself.

It looks like the Orioles - according to Dan Duquette - will probably sign J.J. Hardy to a long term deal; however, an extension for Chris Davis has gone nowhere. As well, according to Dan Duquette, the team has been rebuffed twice by Matt Wieters and his representation in terms of a long-term extension.

After hearing some stuff from the team brass Saturday morning, my opinion of the organization has softened somewhat.

Honestly, the Orioles need another starter and a hitter.

Then again, with the extra money from MASN and also increased money from MLB due to advanced media and other ventures (the estimates are north of $20 million) – will something, if anything happen before spring training starts in the middle of this month?

At the moment, they seriously need another arm and A.J. Burnett – a Maryland native – may be perfect for Baltimore. Despite his age and shaky record in the American League East as a member of the New York Yankees, Burnett could be a difference maker.

With this franchise, the expectations are higher. The Orioles are no longer an organization that is rebuilding.

I’m hoping for the best, but not holding my breath.