Your 2009 Baseball Odds From Vegas Watch

Folks, here are your win totals caculated by Vegas Watch for your favorite team. Hey, at least the Orioles are predicted to improve — somewhat. The usual suspects — The Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies, Mets, Cubs and Tampa Bay are expected to do fairly well.

I would say everything else is fair; however, there’s not much love for the AL Central as they think Cleveland barely wins the division. It looks like Pittsburgh, Seattle, Baltimore, Kansas City, Washington, and San Diego are picked to be the bottom feeders in their respected divisions.

Arizona- 86.5
Atlanta- 84.5
Baltimore- 74.5
Boston- 94.5
Chicago C- 94.5
Chicago W- 76.5
Cincinnati- 76.5
Cleveland- 83
Colorado- 76.5
Detroit- 79.5
Florida- 75.5
Houston- 74.5
Kansas City- 75.5
LA Angels- 87.5
LA Dodgers- 84.5
Milwaukee- 85.5
Minnesota- 79.5
NY Mets- 90.5
NY Yankees- 96
Oakland- 81.5
Philadelphia- 87.5
Pittsburgh- 66.5
San Diego- 67.5
San Francisco- 77.5
Seattle- 72.5
St. Louis- 83.5
Tampa Bay- 89.5
Texas- 81.5
Toronto- 81.5
Washington- 68.5