Winter Meetings

This week, all 30 teams are in Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings and this is the time of year when some of the wheeling and dealing gets done in the sport. For the Orioles, it will be seen if the team actually does anything in the shaping of the on-field staff for 2010, or if they will sit back and watch the action.

While we all want the young talent to come up at the big leagues and succeed, I’m sure most of the fans want to see improvement and the Orioles play some competitive baseball in the summer. At this point though, I think the team needs at least another veteran starter or two, a reliever or two, plus a power bat in the middle of the lineup.

Will there be a trade made, who knows? However, with the amount of young talent the Orioles have gained over the past few seasons, it will be interesting to see if a deal is made.

As time goes along, I as a fan would like to see some improvement in 2010, not the status quo we’ve been accustomed to for the past decade plus.