Winter Meetings and Chatter

Peter Schmuck of the Sun is at the Winter Meeting in Indianapolis and perhaps the first rumor pertaining to the Orioles has come out…

What seemed like routine speculation on Monday morning could crystalize into the Orioles’ first real deal of the offseason. The O’s have had discussions with the Texas Rangers about veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood and may be getting closer to acquiring him for one of the Orioles second-level pitching prospects.

Depending on the quality of the prospect, the Rangers would likely pay some of Millwood’s $12 million salary for 2010.”

At this point, I think the Orioles should take the risk and make this move. I don’t know who I’d trade in a package for him, but someone like Pie or any of the young pichers (outside of Tillman, Matusz) would be ideal.


Apparently, the Orioles were after reliever Rafael Soriano as well (however, it looks like he’ll be staying with the Braves after accepting arbitration).

As well, although some in the sports talk radio business really don’t care for Erik Bedard, it looks like the former Oriole may be on the team’s radar. Then again, it’s a matter if he’ll be ready to pitch when the season begins or not. Well, I can understand the aversion to Bedard — he seems to be a surly guy, always seemed to be hurt, and didn’t seem to be willing to go deep into games — however, he can pitch. I don’t think anyone even knows if he’d be willing to even come back to Baltimore, but if the price is right and he’s healthy, it’s a risk worth taking.

Right now, it looks like the Orioles are taking a deliberate approach to the free agent market — as are most teams.

Also, Dave Trembley seems to be a lot lighter on his feet, talked about the state of the team, and took to heart some of the criticisms made about him last season (it looks like he wants to do a better job…)