Which Free Agent Acquisition Could Be the Biggest Disappointment?

The Oriole Post, plus several other team related blogs were asked to take part in a forum as part of the Hot Stove website and the question-of-the-week posed centered around which free agent acquisition could be the biggest disappointment headed into the 2010 season.
Right now, it’s hard to say who could possibly be the biggest disappointment with the Orioles into the upcoming season. As I see it, if Miguel Tejada can’t master third base and struggles, he could be it.

Now, I can’t see Tejada being an abysmal failure — he can still hit for average, is a run producer and a man with a lot of pride. However, if he commits a horrendous amount of errors at the hot corner and looks plain bad, it won’t matter what he does in the eyes of many with his bat.

Also, if you factor his age — he’ll be 36 this season — and his general decline, Tejada may be a candidate for disappointment. Again, I think Tejada do fine, but if he and the Orioles struggle out of the gate, it’s going to be a rough ride.

I was going to pick Garrett Atkins as my candidate originally; however, his season in 2008 might have just been a strange aberration and he’s still young enough to bounce back to his 2006-08 stats.