What We Should Do & Flanagan’s Future…

With spring training fast approaching, it looks like some more chips have come off the table as both Pat Burrell and Milton Bradley have found new homes.

The Tampa Bay Rays got the right-handed bat they needed as they signed Pat Burrell to a two year, 16 million dollar deal (a freaking bargain for a slugger); meanwhile, the Cubs have signed Milton Bradley to a three year, 30-million dollar to add yet another power bat to their stable of mashers.

With that being said, only about five-plus weeks remain until Spring Training, and one has to think what will the Orioles do? Right now, it looks like they have interest in Japanese pitchers Kenshin Kawakami and Koji Uehara per Roch Kubatko.

I hope Baltimore at least signs another pitcher or two, as right now the squad looks to be no match to even match-up with their rivals in the American League East. Of course, we are still waiting to see what happens with Brian Roberts, and extension for Nick Markakis, but let’s just say I wish more could be done.


On Sunday night, Orioles Vice President of Baseball Operations, Mike Flanagan appeared on the MLB Network’s “Hot Stove: show and had brief discussion with host Harold Reynolds about the Baltimore Orioles. After a few moments talking about his past before baseball — believe it or not, apparently Flanagan had run-in with future NBA Hall of Famer Dr. J — he finally got down to talking about the Birds.

Watching the program, let’s just say Flanagan didn’t instill a lot of confidence in me. I don’t know if he’s privy to as much information before MacPhail arrived, but he didn’t seem to know an inordinate amount of detail about the Mark Teixeira deal which really raised my eyebrows.

Yes, he said the team could sign Mark and be “flecible” in talks, but as we all know, the slugger didn’t want to come here. As well, he also mentioned the financial disparity between the Orioles and other teams in the division, but he didn’t delve any more into that.

Also, he talked about divisional revenue sharing, and how the Orioles have to rebuild with the talent they’ve got, but again he said nothing insightful nor earth-shattering.

I’m thinking that he’ll lose his position at some point, or be reassigned — if it has not happened already, based on what I gathered from his performance last night. He’s not been heard from for a good while, and I guess may know why.

Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun says that he may end up back in the broadcast booth, and here’s what he ponders about the legendary Oriole southpaw…

From the Baltimore Sun: Nobody is willing to say anything publicly about this apparently sensitive situation, but sources have been telling us for a couple of months now that Flanny probably will return to the broadcast booth. Calls to Mike by O’s baseball guys Jeff Zrebiec and Dan Connolly have not been returned, but sources said he’s expected to meet with John Angelos soon to discuss new duties with the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

Hope Mike’s okay with that, because I think a lot of Orioles fans will be. Mike does solid color commentary and conveys his pitching acumen well to the average viewer. I’d be surprised if the Orioles didn’t want him to stay in the organization and I’d be just as surprised if he doesn’t want to remain involved with the team on some level. Pretty sure, however, that’s not going to be in a baseball operations role anymore.

It’s too bad his tenure as a power broker for the team is coming to an end (assuming all is true).

Things obviously didn’t work out, but one has to assume considering his loyalty to the organization and stature, at least it’s good that he’s still got a job.