Ubaldo Meets the Press & thoughts

This afternoon, Ubaldo JImemez met the media. He said all the right things, wants to do his best with the Orioles and bring a world championship to Baltimore.

They sound like lofty goals from Jimenez.

I’ll be intrigued to see how Jimenez pitches for the Orioles. I’m still conflicted about his deal, as he has a ton of upside and talent; however, the inconsistency over the past five or seasons is enough to make me pause.

At least with the Jimenez signing, the battle for the fifth spot should be very interesting. I would assume that Bud Norris is the guy in that spot, but what will Zach Britton – who is out of minor league options do? What about Brian Matusz.

Well, spring training is the time of year where everything is all roses and hope springs eternal.

Now with Ubaldo signed, I figure the Orioles are waiting for the prices to drop on a slugger. The offense as constructed for Baltimore seems fine, but another hitter – like a Kendrys Morales, or Nelson Cruz – would make them that much more formidable.

Dan Duquette says that the team is looking to add another bat, and let’s hope something happens. They look closer to being a contender in the American League than they did last week.

The Orioles had to take a risk, give up a draft for the privledge of getting Jimenez and now look like less of a joke.

I was about to call the offseason for the Orioles a complete failure, but the last few days have given me hope.