The Winter Meetings

As most fans know, the Winter Meetings are upon us and they will commence next week in the City of Sin — Las Vegas Nevada.

With the market being ever so slow, one can assume there will be deals done and trades consummated, we all know the Orioles are still in a serious need of rebuild of their current roster. That being said, although most fans would love to see Burnett or Teixeira on the team, there needs to be a lot more done.

Oriole Nation is waiting to see what MacPhail and the Front Office will come away with when all is said and done next week. Can the Orioles pull off another deal where one of their tenured veterans can be traded for multiple prospects?

Obviously the team needs a) pitching, pitching, and more pitching, b) a shortstop, c) another big bat, preferably at first base.

Right now, I know people like to compare the Orioles situation with the Rays of a few few years ago. While they have emerged after several years worth of losing and rose at the right time, the Orioles will still probably struggle for a few years before a breakthrough occurs.

Baltimore needs to stockpile their whole organization with draft packs, trades for young talent and stick with the plan before anything really changes. Perhaps the they might also want to delve into the bargain bin and find veteran/high-value players that teams might overlook to fill into critical spots — especially pitching.

The road will be painful, but I’m pleased to see the team finally stick to a viable blueprint in order to become competitive again.