The Ty Wigginton Contract Being Held Up?

As camp is scheduled to start on Saturday with pitchers and catchers, it looks like the deal for Ty Wigginton may be hold according to Peter Schmuck…

From the Baltimore Sun: The Orioles are bringing free agent infielder Ty Wigginton back for further examination this week, which probably means that they want to take a second look at something that turned up on his physical Thursday.

Everybody thought his two-year contract would become official on Friday. When it didn’t, some antennae went up, but no one is saying there is a serious issue that could lead the Orioles to back out of the deal.

Still, this is one of those situations where the cautionary baseball GM adage “It isn’t done until it’s done” suddenly seems like more than a cliche, but we’ll just have to wait until later in the week to find out for certain.

Well, most Baltimore fans know the team are sticklers when it comes to physicals, and want to make sure that their players are in superb condition to sign a contract (not that I would blame anyone for doing so considering the money being given.) We shall see, and let’s hope for the best as Wigginton is definitely seen as a positive addition to the squad by most.