The State of South Carolina To Charge Michael Phelps For Using Pot? Can We Let This Go?

Look, this is becoming quite ridiculous. It would be one thing if he was out in public doing this, it’s quite another if he’s indoors.

I guess some over-zealous prosecutor wants to make a name for himself; however, doesn’t one think that Phelps has had more than enough embarrassment?

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Michael Phelps could face criminal charges as part of the fallout from a photo that surfaced showing the swimmer smoking from a marijuana pipe at a University of South Carolina house party.

A spokesman for Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, who was known for his tough stance on drugs, said on Tuesday the department was investigating.

“Our narcotics division is reviewing the information that we have, and they’re investigating what charges, if any, will be filed,” said Lt. Chris Cowan, a spokesman for agency.

The photo first shown in British tabloid News of the World on Sunday was snapped during a November party while Phelps was visiting the university, according to the paper.

People, let it go. Well, the man is not going to lose any endorsements, etc., and should feel little impact from this latest episode. He’s just a swimmer, not any role model, or special person.

He’s a human, and just a young man — not some demigod.

There’s more serious stuff to worry about than some athlete who got caught smoking marijuana. If his name was Michael Smith, would we care?

He’s shown himself to be utterly immature despite his discpline training for a gold medal. I’m a bit suprised how much attention this story is getting especially on sports talk radio here in the region.

I think the public needs to move on from this, and if Phelps doesn’t learn his lesson after this about his drug use and public perception, then it’s on him.