The Phelps Fallout Continues: Eight Arrested!!!

Ok, this is silly — why is this story goung to another level? Let it die. These people are smoking some marijuana — yes, it’s stupid; however, this is not some conspiracy. There’s some overzealous sheriff who wants to make a name for himself or just send a message which may not be valid.

I guess A-Rod knocked Phelps off the front page of the sports news for the weekend…

From MSNBC: A photo is worth a thousand words — and apparently multiple arrests.

The house where a photo was taken of American swimming superstar Michael Phelps smoking from a marijuana pipe is the center of an investigation by the Richland County Sheriff’s department, according to WIS-TV.

The television station reported on its web site Tuesday that eight arrests have been made in connection with the party, which was held off-campus at the University of South Carolina in

Richland County Sheriff spokesman Lieutentant Chris Cowan would neither confirm or deny the arrests to PA SportsTicker, stating that an investigation is still ongoing.

South Carolina Sheriff Leon Lott has said that he will press charges against Phelps if he can prove the swimmer smoked marijuana in his jurisdiction.

WIS reported that the Columbia Police Department is not taking an active role in the investigation, but a police spokesman told PA SportsTicker he cannot comment on that.

This is crazy. I would have figured everyone involved up to Phelps would be ridiculed enough, but I guess the story needs to be takem to another level.