The Orioles Clinch a Playoff Spot!

I never thought I’d see this day so soon, but last night the Baltimore Orioles clinched a playoff spot as the Los Angeles Angels lost to the Texas Rangers in game two of their doubleheader. Who would have thought all of this would happen back in Spring Training? I would have been happy with a .500 record and seeing a breakout player come through the organization, but the playoffs and a chance at the World Series?

For the first time in 15 years, the Orioles will be playing in the post-season! It’s been a long time coming for everyone here, and the losing culture that we’ve seen hopefully is vanquished from the organization for good.

Most of us were waiting for the other shoe to drop, or prove to us that this season was a mirage at some point during the past six months. None of the happened, and now everyone has faith in the Black & Orange. They’ve survived injuries, has umpteen call-ups, and have gotten contibutions from just about everyone.

Just amazing.

Now, the Orioles just have to finish off some business in Tampa Bay.