The Baltimore Examiner Going Kaput?

I was about to do an update on baseball and what’s going on in Birdland; however, while in Marc Fisher’s Washington Post chat, there was a posting that the Baltimore Examiner was ceasing operations as of the middle of next month.

Basically, the newspaper could not find a buyer to take over the operation.

With what’s happening with the media and the new economy, nothing much suprises any more. However, with the downsizing with the Sun and now the Examiner ending operations, one has to wonder where the future of the media is headed.

With circulation down and the ad market seemingly depressed, one has to wonder how daily newspapers now will adapt to conditions out there.

Clarity Media Group Chief Executive Officer Ryan McKibben met with employees of the Baltimore Examiner this morning to inform them that after several months of unsuccessfully seeking a buyer for the newspaper, Clarity Media Group reluctantly concluded that it had to close the publication.  The last edition will be published on Sunday, February 15th.

McKibben explained that a key business assumption behind launching the Baltimore Examiner was that strong revenue synergies could be developed because of its market proximity to the Washington Examiner.  “Unfortunately,” according to McKibben, “ those additional revenues did not materialize to the levels we had projected.”

I’ve met a few people over the years who work there from doing this blog and socially. It’s sad to see, and hope things turn out all right if there will be cuts done.