Some Thoughts From the Governator About Drugs in Sports…

As we know with the current steroid scandal in baseball, drugs in sports has become a hot topic. This weekend, California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger decried to use of performance enhancing drugs in sports…

WASHINGTON — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to athletic competition — or to steroids. And the former champion bodybuilder says there’s no place for drugs in sports these days.

In an appearance Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Schwarzenegger said top athletes are inspirations to young people and to people trying to lose weight and stay fit.

A former action film star, Schwarzenegger said competition drives athletes to use drugs. His advice: “Come out, be clean and say, ‘Look, I used that, I made a mistake.’ “

The California Republican added that not using drugs or alcohol should always be a part of the message aimed at children in sports.

Schwarzenegger has said in the past that he used steroids in his bodybuilding days, long before they became illegal without a prescription.

I think it’s funny that he’s say this considering his name is on the Arnold Classic — a competition for bodybuilding enthuasists that takes place in Columbus, Ohio each winter (hell, Victor Martinez, a former Arnold Classic winner spent time in jail for steroid use) — and has literally based the foundation of his career on those drugs, working hard in the gym, and Hollywood.

I find it ironic how someone who used these things so opnely — yes, the were not illegal when he used them — can speak out against it despite the riches he garnered. If anything, people keep using them because they know they work, and have some benefits despite their danger; therefore, the California governor is poster boy for the entire culture.