Should the Orioles Take a Chance on Manny Ramirez? If He Can Hit, Why Not…

Ok, I am a little late on this topic; however, as we all know, the organization took a look at Manny Ramirez last week during a workout in Florida.

We all know Ramirez’s sordid history in the game and his drug issues. He’s obviously not been an upstanding citizen in the game and frankly has bastardized his profession.

Ramirez spoke to ESPN this week about a possible comeback – despite the fact that he would need to sit out 50 games due to his PED use.

He actually sounded a lot different from what I have seen out of him in the past.

Ramirez sounded contrite, apologetic, and perhaps realized how stupid he’s come off over the years. Who knows if this is an act of desperation, or if he wants to go for an Academy award.

As a fan, I would not want him anywhere on the Baltimore Orioles, or even any of the other 29 franchises. That’s how strongly I feel about him, but if he can hit – the Orioles might want to use him.

Yes, I said it. The Orioles need the offense and a potent bat in the lineup. They have not signed a power bat, and now their pickings are getting slim unless they want to pay Prince Fielder a king’s ransom.

Honestly, I’d rather see a younger talent prove his worth and not be a headache.

But, I believe even at 39 years old, Ramirez could help a team out. He can’t make the Orioles into winners, but at least things will be interesting.

Ramirez obviously can’t play the field at all, he’s up there in age and we all might witness another experiment go horribly wrong with an older guy (ala, Vladmir Guerrero); however, considering his history and status in the game now, he would come cheap and if he sucks – cut him. I’d day give him a minor league deal and invitation to Spring Training.

If he f**ks up, stinks is and/or a prim donna, there’s no need to feel guilty if you cut him loose.

Dan Duquette and Ramirez have an existing relationship with the Red Sox, so why not take advantage of it? Ok, so it might be a circus at Camden Yards and in other locations for a good, long while. Then again, it’s not as if the Orioles are contending or anything like that.

Plus, the Orioles would get some press – ok, may not the type that the franchise wants.

Again, I don’t care to have him on the team as fan at all; however, if he can help, then Baltimore should take advantage.