Roy Oswalt Lays The Smackdown on Alex Rodriguez for His Drug Use…

This weekend, Roy Oswalt spoke out against Alex Rodriguez, and it for me it was kind of refreshing to hear. At this point, baseball is taken a punch in the face at least in the public eye with the vents of last week, and now for the sake of it’s future and credibility in the public eye, something needs to change.

“A-Rod’s numbers shouldn’t count for anything,” Oswalt said in a phone interview with “I feel like he cheated me out of the game.”

Oswalt also said he is bothered by the blanket of suspicion that has covered all players from his era because of the actions of those who have tested positive.

“It does bother me. Especially for the guys that went out there and did it on talent. We’re always going to have a cloud on us, and that’s not fair at all. This is my ninth year, and I’ve done nothing to enhance my performance, other than work my butt off to get guys out. I’m going out there with the ability God gave me. They have that ability, too, and they’re putting something on top of it.”

As a Ranger, Rodriguez was 3-for-5 vs. Oswalt with two doubles, one home run, three RBIs and two walks. Last year, as a Yankee, Rodriguez was hitless in two at-bats against Oswalt.

“The few times we played them, when he got hits, it could have cost me a game,” Oswalt said. “It could have cost me money in my contract. He cheated me out of the game and I take it personally, because I’ve never done [PEDs], haven’t done it, and they’re cheating me out of the game.”

Good for Roy, I’d really like to see more players speak out — I know ; however, things will not change unless baseball decides to embark in more Olympic style testing…