Rocco Baldelli Signs With The Red Sox

I am not one to really laud players on other teams, but I’m glad that Rocco Baldelli is still playing baseball and playing for his “hometown team” (unlike some other pinstriped individual who we all know.)

Rocco Baldelli, the once heralded outfielder who was once part of the Tampa Bay organization signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox yesterday. He missed parts of two seasons with a mitochondrial condition that left him lethargic and without energy, but he was able to get it under control and play the sport he loved again.

Baldelli is from Cumberland, R.I. and seems ready to relish the chance of playing near his boyhood home.

He may never become a superstar, but at least he’s got a job and a chance to become part of something.

It goes without saying, anyone who can come back from a debilitating illness and play at the highest levels of sport no matter what team he or she plays for or colors they wear deserves all the respect in the world.