Roberts Lets His Feelings Be Known…

During the offseason, I assumed the Orioles and Brian Roberts would come to a deal. However, we as well know, that did not happen and he signed a one-year pact with the New York Yankees recently.

I found it weird that Roberts – who spent 13 years in a Baltimore uniform – did not speak or say anything to the Baltimore media when announced that he joined the Yankees.

This week, he resurfaced and spoke to the YES Network in an interview.

Here’s what he said to the network via the Baltimore Sun. You may not like what you’re about to read.

From the Baltimore Sun: In a phone interview with the YES Network on Tuesday night, Roberts said that the Yankees “didn’t need a whole lot of sales pitch” in order to draw him to New York and added that, “as a kid, I think so many of us dream of putting that [Yankees] uniform on at some point.”

Not what you necessarily expect to hear from a player who spent his entire career in an Orioles uniform before leaving town for pinstripes.

Roberts did say that the opportunity to play his entire career in one city was “incredible,” but added it was “time to move on.”

He added on his decision to play for the Yankees…

I don’t think they need a whole lot of sales pitch most of the time. When you have the opportunity to play for such a storied franchise and an organization that is always going to give you a chance to win a World Series every year, it doesn’t take a whole lot. As a kid, I think so many of us dream of putting that uniform on at some point. I had the incredible opportunity to play so many years in one city, and it was just time to move on, I think.

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I’ve always thought that players may care deeply about the communities they play for; however, for most of them, it’s a business.

Roberts may have lived in Baltimore for many years; sadly he didn’t seem to have that much attachment to the region.

In the end, players will do what is best for them and not for the feelings of a fanbase. To be fair, the Orioles didn’t seem to really want him and Roberts took the best opportunity that he saw out there.

Listening in the car on the radio in the past day, quite a few fans were upset that he went to the Yankees. Well, if he went to let’s say – the Brewers – um, the reaction would be muted.

When Roberts comes back to Camden Yards, I can only imagine the reception he’ll get.