Remembering Monica Barlow

On Friday, the Orioles lost a valued member of their organization.

Monica Barlow, the public relations director of the team, passed away after a four-year battle with lung cancer.

My sincerest condolences go out to her family, colleagues and the Baltimore Orioles organization.

Tributes have flowed from all corners of the local and national media and they all have painted a very good picture as to who she was.

In the years of doing this blog, I got to know Ms. Barlow on a professional basis and ran into her from time to time at the ballpark plus other events.

She was the consummate professional and a very hard working woman, but was down to earth me and always was willing to help out whenever something arose — or to simply say a quick hello.

Observing her, you never would have known she was seriouslu ill while was at work.

That point has been driven home over the past few days. I cannot even imagine the challenges that she had to face, but in my encounters with her, she seemed very vibrant and healthy.

Ms. Barlow did a lot in her short life and from what I have read; she made an impact on everyone she encountered.

I was going through my photo archives and found this photo of Ms. Barlos tossing to actor Ed Harris from 2011.

If memory serves me correct, Harris was in town shooting the movie "Game Change" about the 2008 presidental election.

He threw out the first pitch that night and Ms. Barlow was practicing with him.

I thought it was a cool moment and I just snapped this picture really quickly.

Rest in peace, Monica.