Pie & The Pitching

Now that the football season is over in Baltimore, I guess it is now time to turn our collective attention to the Orioles. In my opinion, so far, the organization has done a fairly modest job in improving the team.

For the most part, there are rave reviews about the Pie-Olson trade. While you always hate to trade pitching for a hitter, Pie just has way too much potential to just not make this move for Olson.

The Cubs may have put too much of a burden on Pie — that organization is not a place for on-the-job training — and he may for once get all the opportunities in the world to play in Baltimore. More likely than not, I see him starting. I think the O’s are just going to let him go out there (ala Adam Jones) and hope his minor league numbers can translate in the majors. I see Luke Scott as the designated hitter, and Aubrey Huff playing at first. I think the Orioles are taking the baby steps to rebuild — as in becoming younger and tad more athletic, and these are things you have to do to create a system.

At this point, the Orioles just have to keep at it and hope their moves work out.

While the outfield shows promise, we are still waiting to see what goes on with the pitching. Despite the signing of Uehara and Hendrickson, the Oriole rotation has not improved much, so I guess we are going to see a battle of the arms in camp only a few short weeks away. I’m looking forward to seeing what develops, and while we may not be able to compete with New Yorks and Boston, if we find a diamond in the rough, I’d be very satisified.

Of course with the deal that took place Sunday, Baltimore is short another pitcher. I would still like for the team to take a flier on one of the pitchers left on the market, so we could have some experience in the rotation than handing the ball to another young guy who may be ready or not.

Honestly, I do wish the team could have done more to improve, but so far, it looks like the incremental moves that have been made so far this winter are showing a new philsophy.