Orlando Hudson Signed to a 1 Year/3.4 Million Deal With Incentives; The Difference in Salary Between He and Brian Roberts is Stark…

If you want to see how fortunate Brian Roberts is to have gotten the deal he received, contrast it with Orlando Hudson — a second baseman that has multiple Gold Gloves and a stellar reputation.

From MLB.com: Free agents are on sale, and the Dodgers picked one up on the cheap Friday when they agreed with second baseman Orlando Hudson on a one-year contract, baseball sources confirmed.

The deal is worth $3.4 million with another $4.6 million in possible incentives.

The three-time Gold Glove and 2007 All-Star will take over the position from the retired Jeff Kent. Hudson had originally sought a multiyear deal at $10 million annually, but the free-agent market crashed, and he slashed his asking price. The deal came together quickly after it was reported that the Dodgers had also begun talks with another free-agent infielder, Orlando Cabrera.

The economy is bad — real bad — however, aside from loyalty that Baltimore has shown Roberts, how can you justify the difference in salary between the two players?

That’s pretty shocking. I guess in this economy, you take what you can get.