Orioles Straight up Crushing Again; Chris Davis, the Offense & Machado, the pitching and Cliff Lee…


This season, Chris Davis is straight up crushing at the plate.

I was not sure if he could replicate what he did last season at the plate, especially towards end of the season; however, he is proving me – and a lot of the baseball world wrong.

His nickname amongst fans and the media is “crush”, based on his size and physique, and since Opening Day, he’s been doing just that.

So he went through a lull in the middle of April-May and looked, well, normal.

Now he’s on a tear. He hit his 16th home run of the season and helped his team defeat the Blue Jays, 10-6, in a game which saw Baltimore score nine runs in the first three innings.

Along with Davis, the offense has been ridiculous. Along with Davis, J.J. Hardy, Danny Valencia and Adam Jones homered. Manny Machado has been racking up the hits all season, and added three more in the victory. Nick Markakis had three hits as well, plus drove in three runs.

Looking at the box score, the Orioles have four guys – who were on the roster since Opening Day – batting .300 as of today.

Nick Markakis is at .300; Manny Machado is at .335; Adam Jones is at .317 and Davis is at .337.


The beautiful thing is that all these guys are here for a few more years at minimum. It looks to be – with the exception of Machado – they are all hitting their prime now, and who is to say that things can’t get better?

As for Machado, remember, he is only 20 years old. It’s scary how good he is looking. He looks like a young Alex Rodriguez (with the Mariners) out there, although he is at third base and not shortstop. I can see him carrying the Orioles in the next two or three years and be the ‘man’.

The sky is the limit for Machado – offensively and defensively – and the next few years will be awesome for us fans out there. I can only imagine how much better his power numbers will look if he decides to put on size and muscle on his tall frame.

Bryce Harper and Mike Trout got all the national attention this year as the young, upcoming superstars in the game. However, based on what I have seen in the first two months, I’d now take Machado over both of them at the moment.

If he puts up crazy numbers this year, the Orioles should get his John Hancock on a contract this winter or next. The better he gets, the more it will cost to sign him. I know his agent is Scott Boras, but take the risk. If the Baltimore brass can pull off an early deal, Machado could be a legend in the same sphere as Brooks Robinson barring an injury or a collapse.

The offense carried the night and helped Chris Tillman to his 4th win. Ok, so, he didn’t pitch all that well and threw 109 pitches in five innings, but did enough to win and didn’t put the Orioles in serious trouble.

The Orioles look a lot better now than they did earlier this week. The offense is clicking, but that’s a day-to-day thing, and I’m more worried about the pitching staff.

With that being said, would you all take a gamble on Cliff Lee if the Philadelphia Phillies decide to become sellers in the next month or so?

We need the pitching, and he’ll be VERY, VERY expensive; however, imagine him at the top of the rotation in the black and orange. He's been healthy, durable, throws strikes and has been a winner.

Not that the Orioles would do it – but, it is just an idea.