Orioles Lose 2nd in a row; the trade deadline and Penn State…

After a successful swing in Cleveland where they won three out of four games, the Orioles returned home to Camden Yards to face the rival Tampa Bay Rays.

Sadly, the Orioles could not defeat them on Tuesday night as they fell to them, 3-1. They once again got a quality start from Wei-Yin Chen, who went 6 2/3 innings and started the game on a roll; however, the Rays got him in the fifth inning as Brooks Conrad hit a two-run homer and they added another run in the sixth inning.

Overall, Chen provided the Orioles with what they needed: good pitching. Sadly, the offense did not reciprocate. However, he walked a few guys and they came back to bite him via the runs scored. That cost him and the Orioles the game on Tuesday night.

Baltimore only mustered a run off Tampa Bay starter Jeremy Hellickson (who earned the win) – and that came via an Adam Jones homer in the 4th inning that put them ahead briefly, 1-0. They only got three hits off Rays pitching, and when runners got on base, they blew opportunities.

They had runners on base in the ninth – in fact, two – off walks by Tampa closer Fernando Rodney (who earned the save); however, he struck the final two batters to end the game.

The Orioles are 51-46 and are 1.5 games back in the wild card hunt , and there are now four teams – Detroit, Oakland, the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Angels. They trail the Yankees by seven games in the American League East. They have lost two games in a row, after winning five straight.

That all being said, we as fans are hoping for Dan Duquette to make a move and soon. He let the media know that they will be buyers at the deadline; however, who will they get – if at all possible?

They have less than a week left, and while the pitching situation has stabilized this week, they still need another arm in rotation. With some of more prominent names coming off the board (and soon) – like Wandy Rodriguez, Ryan Dempster, and several others – Baltimore has to strike.

However, they do need a bat as well. Then again, the Orioles do have some pop in their lineup, but they do not steal, nor are a contact type of team. I do wish they could acquire a hitter that is more patient at the plate, but I think the priority should be getting a front-line starter.

Good pitching always beats timely hitting. Well, most of the time.

With the Orioles in the playoff hunt, a move needs to be made – and soon.

On that note, I can not believe Ichiro Suzuki is a member of the New York Yankees. The deal was one that should have been made on the part of the two teams; however, it will be weird seeing in him pinstripes and not in a Mariners’ jersey.

As well, it looks like Hanley Ramirez will be traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. After the freewheeling Marlins made a splash during the offseason to help open up their new stadium, they are throwing up the white flag. Amazing. Now I see why C.J. Wilson nor Albert Pujols signed there.

Also, good to see the Penn State University get what they deserved by the NCAA in terms of a punishment. It sucks for a lot people who had nothing to do with the conspiracy and cover-up that involved Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, etc.; however, at the end of the day, lives and future of children who were abused come before a football program.

If fans up there have to suffer, so be it.

The sycophants and supporters up there of Joe Paterno (who genuinely make me sick) will never understand why the decision that was levied had to be made unless you know someone who has suffered child abuse or been victimized.