Old Our Friend Sammy Sosa Wants To Return To Baseball…

Reading the information super-highway the other day, I caught that Sammy Sosa — a member of the 600 home run club — was looking for a return to the Major Leagues.

The slugger who excited the world of baseball with his home run hitting ability, unabashed love for the game, and his infectious smile brought joy not only to Cubs fans in the 1990′s, but to the world of baseball.

Furthermore, many credit him and Mark McGwire for rekindling the interest of the sport to fans and admirers alike; however, all the goodwill he had built up went pretty much down the toilet after his appearance on Capitol Hill years ago.

From ESPN.com: Sammy Sosa is still waiting for an offer to play in the major leagues, according to a report published by Dominican newspaper Listin Diario.

Sosa, who previously had expressed his intention to retire from baseball after the next World Baseball Classic in March, believes he can still have an impact at the major league level.

“I still don’t have an offer, and I shouldn’t be looking for offers out there,” said Sosa, the National League MVP in 1998 and the only hitter to surpass 60 or more homers in a season on three occasions. “Any team who wants to sign me should have the initiative and make an offer.”

Sosa added that he’s still in good physical shape in hopes of making a comeback to professional baseball.

I remember him vaguely in Baltimore, and he was nothing less than jerk towards fans — moreover, it was clearly evident based on stories in released in the media about his behavior while in an Oriole uniform.

As well, he was a shell of himself from his days in Chicago, seemingly injury prone, and just a bad teammate overall.

Sammy sat out of the sport in 2007, but the year prior had 21 home runs and 92 RBIs in 114 games in 2007 with the Texas Rangers. I don’t see Sammy getting an offer from anyone, unless he wants a minor league deal, as it looks like teams are moving away from elder players, and inserting cheap, younger ones in their place to fill roster spots.

The sport is trying to move away from the vestige of the Steroid era, and the slugger’s years of as a home run threat compared to what he was after 2004 is only indicative of the suspicion many have had towards him and others.

Sammy, I think you’re going to be forced in retirement and you’ll have to wait to see if you can get into the Hall of Fame.