Odds, Thoughts, Wishes and Predictions

With the start of the Orioles’ season less than nine games away, the odds for them on sports betting websites, fans, casual observers and with the media isn’t good. They aren’t simply just expected to bad, but bottom-feeders and a last place team in the division.

The odds are 150-to-1 that they win the World Series. They are 100-to-1 odds to win the American League East.

Basically, the odd-makers are not giving the Orioles a flipping shot. Most of baseball is betting against the Orioles even becoming competitibe.

It’s been a painful decade-plus for the franchise; however, I want to see the bright side of things. Although, at this point – why should we all care anymore?

As James noted in his blog post from this weekend, it was a ho-hum offseason for the franchise. No marquee players and a lot of guys who are either your average veterans, youngsters looking for a second chance, or guys from the scrap heap.

We know that the Orioles are in a rebuilding stage; therefore, I am going to make the best of it as a fan.

Camden Yards will be nice as always, especially with the additions and I hope to see some competitive baseball for a change.

I want Opening Day weather-wise to resemble what it did last year and for the team to go on a nice winning streak to start the season.

I want to young players – especially, the pitchers – to give their all and develop. I’d like to see Matt Wieters make another All-Star Game, and perhaps another Oriole join him.

I hope that Adam Jones considers staying in Charm City and that the Orioles show him that they are committed to winning. I’d like Buck Showalter to light a fire under this team – again – and build upon the amazing final game of 2011.

I’d like to see Brian Matusz find the promise he had once again, Chris Tillman stick in the majors and Kevin Gregg save every game he is in during 2012 (if that happens); more importantly, I’d like to see Brian Roberts come back, play second, and perhaps play a meaningful baseball game late in the season before his career ends.

My thoughts may be a pipe-dream, but one can dream.

That being said, I think the Orioles will in 66 games in 2012. That’s all. Every team in the division got better and the Orioles stayed in neutral. While the offense should be somewhat fine, there are way too many questions with the pitching – especially the bullpen and starting rotation.

More should have been done to upgrade this team for sure, but the Orioles are what they are.