Not a fan of the Jeremy Guthrie trade…

Jeremy Guthrie traded to the Colorado Rockies

This afternoon, I asked people’s feelings on the Jeremy Guthrie trade on Twitter, and from what I got, people hate it. I’m a bit confused why this trade happened now (despite Guthrie’s arbitration hearing) and what the team got in return.

That being said, Dan Duquette held a press conference with the local and electronic media this afternoon about the trade. I didn’t attend; however, the site, Baltimore Sun, MASN Sports, Camden Chat, & Press Box Online all participated.

Based on what was said, the Orioles could not get any young prospects for Guthrie (that answered a big question on mind); plus, Duquette insinuated that Jason Hammel should be in line for a starting position, and Matt Lindstrom will be a reliever. As well, it’s pretty obvious that Duquette believes the moves made today and in the off-season will make the Orioles more competitive.

Like I said this morning, I think this move was not a good one. The Rockies got the better of this deal, and I would not be surprised if Guthrie succeeds in the National League. Although the Orioles got a starting pitcher and reliever in return, it does not look like a fair return for them. Honestly, the Orioles are no better today than were yesterday.

It also looks like the Orioles and representatives for Manny Ramirez have been talking. Of course, nothing is set in stone; however, why do I envision Manny in the black and orange? I don’t think the Orioles should sign him despite his resume.

They are not going to contend. I’d rather see a prospect or a younger guy get a chance to contribute to the team and become part of the solution.