News on an Old Friend: Kris Benson: Glavine Back in ATL

Former Oriole Kris Benson has finally found a new home in the deep heart of Texas. According to the Washington Post, Benson has signed a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers — who seem to perpetually need pitching — and has received an invitation to Spring Training.

Too bad we had to give John Maine away for him; however, he did teach Erik Bedard a change up.

Bedard left Baltimore a couple of years later as well and realized the grass was not greener on the other side.

Also, his wife — Anna — wasn’t she supposed to be controversial? She didn’t do much in Charm City, eh?

I hope the best for Kris, he was great with the fans and was your prototypical Southern Gentleman.

In other news, Tom Glavine has decided to come back for one more year and pitch in Atlanta — again. Boy, I remember when he was coming up in the majors and watching TBS at the time as it seems so, so long ago…