Manny Ramirez Rejects One Year, $25 Million Deal From the Dodgers. He’s Insane.

Well, in spite of many Americans struggling with their finances, and losing their 401Ks, homes, and whatever else, there are some people completely insulated from reality.

Manny Ramirez is one of those people.

Despite the business of baseball changing in tandem with the economy, he just doesn’t get it.

Just hours after the Dodgers offered him a one-year, $25 million contract that would have made him the second-highest paid player in baseball and the highest-paid outfielder in baseball history, Ramirez and agent Scott Boras informed the team late Monday night that they’d rejected that offer.

This latest rejection, which was first reported by the Los Angeles Times and confirmed to by a major-league source, marked the second Dodgers bid that Ramirez has rebuffed this winter.

The Dodgers, who really wanted the slugger back, made a contract offer this year to the slugger, but pulled back. Now, they offered another deal — a fairly lucrative one to put it lightly at $25 million per year — however, Manny Ramirez insanely turned this one down.

One has to think he’s delusional, and if there’s any other team who wants him at his price? As weird as this seems, I don’t think even Scott Boras is responsible for this decision.

Right now Ramirez’s greed makes these fat cat Wall Street CEO’s who have become pariahs despite sending their companies into the toilet look sane.

What is he thinking? Crunching the numbers, he’ll make more per inning than 90% of the United States population in a year, but yet he’s not satisified?

At this point, the Dodgers should just move on and sign either Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu for half the money, if not more and let Manny Ramirez ponder a forced retirement.