Luke Scott Revisited…

I really, really like Luke Scott – as an athlete. He hit homers for the Orioles, plays his heart out when he’s on the field and seems like an all-around good guy, but a tad eccentric.

My critique is not of him as a player. He’s got flaws, but is one of the better Orioles out there. Plain and simple.

As fans, we want to feel that we truly know our athletes who wear the name of our favorite team emblazoned on the front of their uniform. Of course, we don’t.

Much like with what Adam Jones did right before the season, sometimes when athletes we root for open their mouth — we may not like what they say. In fact, some might recoil.

Even moreso, when they start to peel away the layers of their public persona.

Well, Luke Scott — in an article posted on this afternoon — talks about various topics with reporter Amy K. Nelson.

Guns, President Obama, an amazing and harrowing account if his life so far, Latin culture, his teammate and friend Felix Pie, and what not.

Having talked to Luke Scott a handful of times as fan, and as a blogger, I can say the man isn’t a racist. Then again, I don’t know. Maybe he is truly eccentric, says what he feels without a filter or oblivious.

He cares deeply about his profession, the Lord, the fans and has a ton of pride.

However, the birther stuff and the fact he doesn’t acknowledge President Obama as the commander-in-chief is a bit wacky, especially moreso with today’s alarming political climate. It’s still galling to me — no matter what side of the political platform you are on — that this birther talk has seemed to take on a life of it’s own.

Plus, the stuff concerning Felix Pie I don’t find cool. Especially as a member of a minority myself. However, Pie is an adult and if he accepts Luke’s treatment as a friend – so be it.

In the end, we can only truly know a person when we have walked in his shoes. Luke is who he is. He’s a complex man for sure.

What do you all think? The man has a right to his opinions and beliefs as an American, but I’m really scratching my head after reading the ESPN article.