Luke Scott Not Keen On Being The New DH; Around the Blogosphere…

With Spring Training around the corner, the Baltimore Orioles roster — barring any more deals or trades — is shaping up. However, from the looks of things, one guy may already not be happy as to the organization’s future plans.

Luke Scott yesterday was on MASN’s Playmakers and let Birdland know that his defined role in 2009 may be as the regular designated hitter, not as the left fielder due the acquisition of Felix Pie. Therefore, he let his feelings be known about the situation, and one could assume from his words he’s not keen to the idea.

Calling into MASN’s Playmakers show yesterday, Scott said being the DH once or twice a week is great for getting an outfielder off his feet and keeping his legs fresh.

“However,” he added, which is the verbal red flag, “I do take pride in my defense. I really don’t want to consider myself a designated hitter.”

Scott won’t create a controversy in spring training. He’s not that type of personality. But he’d much prefer to play left field.

Scott talked about the “different mindset” of being a DH. He described himself as a Type A personality and a perfectionist who needs the outfield as a distraction from a bad plate appearance. Otherwise, he’s going to pace around the dugout and drive everybody nuts. He’ll stay in the video room, breaking down each at-bat, until somebody drags him out of there.

Now, Luke is a fan favorite, was good defensively, and has a decent bat; however, one can understand why Pie would be the everyday guy in left field — he’s young, full of potential talent, out of options in the minors and must be kept on the roster. Basically, Scott got pushed out of left field to give a highly touted prospect a chance to play in the majors. This scenario is yet another step in the rebuilding of the Baltimore Orioles.

The nice thing about everything is that Luke is being a professional, and will acquiesce left field to be the designated hitter. I’m sure this won’t be a big issue in upcoming weeks, and if Pie for some reason doesn’t work, Scott will get his spot back.

I’m sure this will be one of any storylines as the season comes upon us.