Job Well Done, Tony Dungy — Calls It a Career

One of the elder and classiest statesmen in the game of football, Tony Dungy has called it a career. Aside from winning the Super Bowl and making history with his win as coach of the Colts, what impressed me more about him was the content of his character, how he handled adversity and his faith.

From ESPN: Tony Dungy has retired after seven years as coach of the Indianapolis Colts, saying this was the right moment to do so.

“These seven years have been better than I could ever have imagined,” Dungy, the only black coach to win a Super Bowl, said at a news conference Monday. “I just have to thank everyone.”

He will be replaced by associate coach Jim Caldwell.

Dungy, 53, has spent the past five years debating whether to leave football to spend more time with his family. He said he and his wife discussed the decision.

“We just felt this was the right time,” Dungy said. “Don’t shed any tears for me. I got to live a dream most people don’t get to live.”

Dungy is the Colts’ franchise leader in victories. He went 85-27 in the regular season and 7-6 in the playoffs, including the victory over Chicago in the 2007 Super Bowl.

“You don’t always get to go out on top,” Dungy said, “and it’s hard to go out on top.”

Good luck in your future endeavors, Tony. A job well done.