If the Orioles Struggle in ’10, What Happens to Dave Trembley?

The Oriole Post, plus several other team related blogs were asked to take part in a forum as part of the Hot Stove website and the question-of-the-week posed to us centered around Dave Trembley. The issue is what would happen to Baltimore’s skipper if the team struggled in 2010 and if he would be replaced?

If the Orioles do not “turn the corner”, I do believe that they will move on from Dave Trembley. Although the Orioles certainly do not have the talent as-is right now to contend in the American League East, it’s assumed that they are improved from a near 100 loss season by almost everyone and must do better.

I’m sure the Orioles’ brass will exercise patience with Trembley, but they — along with the fans who have suffered through a decade plus losing — want to see improvement and wins. A lot fans got on Trembley last season not only because of the win-loss record, but due to some fundamental lapses in the field by his team (that cost them over and over) and the perception of a lack of discipline.

Yes, in the end, the players do mostly determine the outcomes of the games, but Trembley also faced a lot of criticism for his in-game decisions and strategy.

He is saying the right things a week or so into camp, and the players along with coaches are in accord — which is a good thing.

With the players — Tejada, Millwood, Atkins, Gonzalez — acquired in the off-season, plus mainstays like Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones and young Matt Wieters, there’s no reason why the Orioles can’t win more than 70 games. Everyone will be watching the young pitching and that may seal the fate of Orioles in ’10 — along with Dave Trembley.

However, if the Orioles start off poorly and are woefully under .500 at the All-Star Break, the chance of him sticking around for another season will be slim-to-none.