How About ‘Dem Orioles? The Texas Rangers are on the docket and is the AL East Wide Open?

Morning all. How about ‘dem Birds?

So much for this portion of the schedule being a gauntlet for the Orioles. Just amazing.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around yesterday’s crazy, improbable and ridiculous victory. The game will be considered an epic if the Orioles can play deep into the summer and still remain atop the American League East.

The Baltimore Orioles are back at home at Camden Yards after an amazing road trip, going 5-1 against both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. They host the Texas Rangers in a four-game series starting tonight.

The Rangers, as we all know are defending American League champions, and are a tough customer. They are 18-10, lead the American League West by 3.5 games, and boast a solid roster.

Although they lost two out of three games to the Cleveland Indians over the weekend, they are always formidable, and have a great combination of hitting and pitching.

The Orioles will miss Yu Darvish – he pitched yesterday, and lost – however, they will see four excellent starters in Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, Neftali Feliz and Colby Lewis.

The crazy thing is now, I don’t think as we as fans should fear the Rangers after what we’ve seen from the Orioles. As things are going right now, I would not be surprised to see a series split, or the Orioles take three out of four.

I’m sure the Orioles are confident right now, and after the past week, I think they are for real.

I greatly underestimated them coming into the 2012 season. Ok, I am sure everyone else did too. The starting pitching has been good. The offense has come through, and the bullpen – as evidence so far – has been phenomenal.

Who knows where the Orioles will stand in July, August or September? Will the carpet be pulled out from under them? Can the winning be sustained?

If the Orioles do contend late in the summer, the bullpen will have to keep tight games in check. As well, the starting pitching will still have to keep up it’s amazing pace, and the hitters will have to show their performance over the last month or so isn’t a fluke.

The road isn’t getting any easier for Baltimore. Take a look at the schedule and see who else they have to play in May.

However, with the Red Sox seemingly in decline and with their stars hurt, plus the Yankees getting older, is the American League East now wide open?