Gregg Released from the Orioles

Well, by now, you all know that reliever Kevin Gregg was released by the Orioles yesterday. I’m surprised he was not sent on his way much, much earlier or traded. He honestly did not have a role on the team, and seemed to be a ‘forgotten man’, except to pitch in mop-up duty.

After his performance on Sunday where he gave up four runs in the loss to the Yankees, you saw the writing on the wall. He was done with the Orioles, and with the depth now on the team, the reliever was not going to pitch in any spot from that day on. The business of professional sports is one of “what have you done for me lately?”

In Gregg’s case — a whole lot of nothing.

Overall, he did not pitch well for the organization at all for most of his tenure, but from all accounts he seemed to be very well respected in the organization.