Rather than write much about what happened this weekend, as we all know what transpired (Berken finally snapped his losing streak, but an extra inning loss on Saturday, Matusz getting lit up on Sunday, plus a laugher against the A’s last night) made me think about things in general.

With 50 games left, the question I guess that needs to be asked amongst all of us fans is this: are you happy with the team’s progress, cynical, frustrated, or just don’t care?
Really, I’m looking forward to seeing much of the young talent — Jones, Matusz, Wieters, Markakis, Bergesen (if we see him anytime soon), and whoever else — play throughout the season and follow their development.
What do you all want to see happen during the last seven weeks or so of the season with the Orioles?
What are you looking forward to in 2010? Anyone you want to see signed? Players that need to be sent on their way?