Frustrated So Far…

Happy Christmas week to you all out there; as well, for all those celebrating Chanukah or any other holiday, the best to you also.

As a fan of the Orioles, it’s been rather frustrating seeing some of the acquisitions and moves made so far. For the most part, they’ve been underwhelming. I’m not sure how much the organization has in their coffers, or the revenue that MASN produces for the Orioles, but you’ve got to wonder if the checkbook will be opened at some point.

Dan Duquette thinks that the Orioles can reach the .500 level – or inch above it. Um, I don’t think that is going to happen unless there is a serious overhaul with this team and the front office opens up the wallet big-time. Plus, the young talent – especially, the pitchers – would need to take a serious step forward and avoid the up-downs during a long season.

So far, I have not thought much of Duquette’s moves. It seems like he genuinely wants to see the organization succeed – for his sake and theirs. I do like that he’s going into the Far East and trying to find players of value who won’t break the bank. Plus, he’s retooling the front office and scouting departments; however, I do wish he would be more aggressive.

I would like him to take more risks and bring a tenured veteran (pitcher or slugger) onto the squad; however, I do think he’s very much taking his time with his moves and is definitely evaluating the organization than making a move to just make a move.

I’m sure a lot of fans were expecting the Orioles to do something of note at the Winter Meetings, despite the advance warnings of Dan Duquette and notes from the media.

Right now, I do think that the organization must really focus on rebuilding the minor league before anything else. Like I’ve said though, they need a lot of holes plugged in on the major league and also need some impact players – another power bat and maybe arm or two – on the roster.

They don’t have any real premium minor leaguers to fill-in key positions in case of injury at the higher levels right now, or bait in need of a trade. In addition, they don’t have any impact minor leaguers to fill-in key positions in case of injury, or bait in need of a trade.

The Orioles have less than two months until pitchers and catchers report down in Florida. I’m sure the Orioles will make most of their moves via trades and maybe sign a mid-to-low level veteran; however, time is running out.

Right now, there have been rumors of Jeremy Guthrie and Adam Jones (not likely), Mark Reynolds being dangled in trades, but more has to be done.

I want the Orioles to be American League contenders; however, I am a realist – I just want them to not finish up with a sub-70 win record. Everyone wants improvement with the Baltimore Orioles, especially since they have had 14 straight losing seasons.

I just want something to happen with the Orioles – anything – to show us fans that they are indeed committed to winning and putting a viable product on the field for 2012.