Felix Pie Hits For the Cycle, Orioles Annihilate Angels

It was one of the more memorable nights with my fandom in a very long time. On Friday night, the Orioles absolutely annihilated the American League West leading Los Angeles Angels, 16-6 as Chris Tillman won his first major league game and the offense finally broke after a prolonged slumber. However, the story was Felix Pie as he hit for the cycle and had nothing short of a career night.

As most Oriole fans know, Pie was given the starting left field job and struggled for the two months of the season, therefore, he was soon regulated to the bench. However, for the past several weeks, when Felix has played, he’s produced, but I don’t think envision that this guy accomplish this feat — especially considering that he was more or less fighting for a roster spot awhile ago.

Camden Yards might have been more slightly half filled last night, but the crowd gave Pie after his triple — rightfully so, a standing ovation and a nice applause. I’m glad the Orioles didn’t give up on him, and let him work out his issues. He’s succeeded in the minors, and perhaps on Friday, we all got a glimpse as to what he can be.

To add to this Pie storyline, it seems that Los Angeles Angels manager, Mike Scioscia — who is one the most respected in the game — took issue with Pie celebrating his feat while he was removing his pitcher. I know that Scioscia is one of those “old-school” guys,  but to get into a tizzy about a player celebrating an amazing feat — one which the vast majority will never do — is asinine. I can see where he was coming from, but Pie was just expressing himself, and the Angels simply should have gotten him out.

After the game, Pie apologized to the Los Angeles, specifically Mike Scioscia, for the celebration.

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful night considering the struggles Baltimore has had in the past several weeks.