Earl Weaver Passes Away

Yesterday was a sad day for not Oriole fans, but all who follow the sport of baseball.

Former Baltimore manager Earl Weaver passed away on Friday night while on a cruise for the team. He was 82.

I learned about the news right before FanFest and it was surreal to have heard. You never think someone like Weaver, who embodies the spirit of Baltimore sports, would seemingly live forever on this planet.

They never do.

He may have passed on; however, he has achieved immortality.

His legacy of winning with the Baltimore Orioles and his fiery spirit, showmanship, along with his smarts on the field, will live forever in Baltimore sports folklore and all of baseball.

If you have time today or this week, take a minute and go on YouTube and look up some of Earl Weaver's notorious arguments with umpires.

They are classics.

So long, Earl.