Do We Extend Brian Roberts Or Not; Quick Hits…

With the signing of Nick Markakis to a long term deal, the talk has naturally turned to extending Brian Roberts. He definitely has an affinity towards Charm City and the only organization he’s played for, so it looks like he might want to stay in Baltimore.

Here’s a little more insight from Ken Rosenthal:

Roberts, who is eligible for free agency at the end of the season, has received a three-year, $30 million offer from the Orioles, according to The Baltimore Sun.


However, the inability of the Orioles to secure Roberts long-term could lead the team to trade him, a prospect that is currently complicated by the availability of free-agent second baseman Orlando Hudson.

The Orioles again have their “ears open” to teams that are interested in Roberts, reflecting a change in their position over the past six months, a major-league source told this week.

The closer the Orioles get to the July 31 nonwaiver deadline with Roberts unsigned, the more likely they will be to trade him. The team is thin on major-league-ready pitching and middle-infield prospects.

Depending upon the economy, Roberts as a free agent likely would top the three-year, $30 million that the Dodgers recently awarded their own leadoff hitter, shortstop Rafael Furcal.

However, I don’t agree with some his demands for his contract, but for the sake of Birdland, they must sign him to long-term deal to keep fans happy. Well, I have no idea how his body will hold up at 35 — however, he’s been relatively healthy (except when his elbow literally got ripped off at the end of 2006), so he should age well. Right now, the Orioles perhaps need more youth and definitely arms, therefore, trading Robers is prudent — but the market is different than it has been in the past.

If the Orioles and he can work out a deal — great, many fans will be happy; however, if he sticks to his deadline, Andy MacPhail must stick to the business side of the game and what’s best for the team.