Denied – No Player Elected to the Hall of Fame This Year

Everyone knew there was a chance at no player eligible being elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame this year. Well, this Tuesday afternoon, for the first since 1996, it happened.

We can all understand that the voters wanted to send a message and not elect anyone connected to PED/steroid use; however, could they not find someone worthy to induct?

Did Craig Biggio (3,060 hits) with 68.2% of the vote deserve to be snubbed? Mike Piazza? Jeff Bagwell? Curt Schilling? Who knows. However, if he is going to get in at some point, then why not elect him now?

I have more important things to get angry about than the National Baseball Hall of Fame voting for 2013; however, why does it seem to me that some of the voters (perhaps, a small minoroty) seemed to have an agenda and acted with some vindictiveness?