Bryce Harper. Wow. Oh My Lord.

If you get a chance, read Will Leitch’s interview with Bryce Harper on the GQ Magazine website. Some of it is not-safe-for-work, but what Leitch got out of Harper is gold. I’m saddened the the piece didn’t go five or ten pages, rather than on a single one.

I will say, I’ve always appreciate athletes who speak their mind — whether I agree with them or not. It’s almost like he’s been developed by a WWE writer, or a UFC official than fitting the profile of your typical genteel ballplayer.

From what I can see, Bryce Harper will not disappoint. He’s not going to be Derek Jeter, who says everything, but nothing.

Harper has not done anything yet in the sport aside from getting a ton of attention and playing in the minors, but I like his spunk and over-sized personality. If, and when he makes the Washington Nationals roster, I’ll not be able to avert my eyes from him; however, I do wonder what the other pros think of him.

I will say, Harper will bring plenty of eyes to the sport, and MLB will use him to the fullest. Let’s hope his talent can fit his bombastic nature.

Then again, Harper should let his work do the talking, not his mouth.