Brian Wants To Stay?

I heard the “Scott and Anita” show this afternoon in my car while driving home this evening and I was quite surprised by what heard from Brian Roberts.

It sounds like he will be giving the Orioles an ample chance to keep him — assuming the price is right — in their uniform. I’m sure he does not want to be traded, but he understands the business of the game; however, he definitely has an affinity towards Charm City and the only organization he’s played for.

In his weekly segment, he touched on these topics:

  • Talked about his impending marriage this weekend, American Idol, & the NFL playoffs.
  • He wants hopefully remain an Oriole; however, he wishes for an arrangement to be made with the organization before spring training — or the discussion will end before the season begins.
  • He does not want to deal with contract talks during the season & focus on baseball.
  • Ponders if a deal cannot be made, he’ll be traded.

At this point, I was glad to hear this from Brian. However, I don’t agree with some his demands for his contract, and I think he may not be the player he envisions himself to be down the road. If the Orioles and he can work out a deal — great, many fans will be happy; however, if he sticks to his deadline, Andy MacPhail must stick to the business side of the game and what’s best for the team.