Brian Roberts Extension Thoughts

Both Peter Schmuck and Roch Kubatko today made mention of the Brian Roberts extension negotiations, and both their posts really mirrored one another.

They got a both few words from Andy MacPhail earlier today, and this is what was said…

From Roch’s Blog: Orioles president Andy MacPhail told me earlier today that “each side is moving closer to the other” in the Brian Roberts contract negotiations.

Asked if he’s more optimistic now that he’s been previously, MacPhail said, “I’d say so. We’re not there yet, but we’re moving toward each other, which is a good sign.”

Roberts and his agent, Mark Pieper, have made it clear that they don’t want to engage in talks once spring training ends.

Take it for what is it worth — I think a deal gets done soon. As I have said, the market plain sucks out there and even perhaps that may stretch into next offseason, and I think Baltimore is a place where he can get the best deal, plus he seems to be very comfortable in the region.

I don’t know if the rebuilding would possibly deter him; however, it looks like with the Markakis extension, the infusion of youth, and commitment to a plan, I see Roberts staying around for hopefully the first winning Oriole team in decades.

As well, one could see the Orioles giving Brian a little more money sort as a “thank you” and at the same time also realizing his worth to the fan base.

I think Brian will get what he wants, but I think the fourth year (I guess the tipping point) will be an option — player, team or mutual.