Bergy, Millwood and Josh Bell

It was finally good to see Brad Bergesen back on the mound Wednesday night. Despite the young hurler being unsatisfied with his outing – where the Orioles won against the Pirates – it was a very good sign to see that he was not hurting at all.

It looks like Brad’s knee and shoulder are fine; therefore, he’s rearing to go and forge ahead into the new season.

With about a few more weeks to go before the Orioles play the Rays to start the 162 game regular season marathon, fans are hoping Bergesen can move on from his injury and get the Orioles closer to respectability.

On the other hand, Millwood’s performance the following night was a little disturbing. While it is a bit early to be concerned with the veteran pitcher, two consecutive bad starts in Florida have raised a few eyebrows.

Milwood gave up five runs in 2 2/3 innings on Thursday in a loss to the Twins and he’s not too worried with the result. Much like after his first start, his struggles may not be a big deal, but if it continues, I’d be tad concerned.

Kevin’s got a track record as a veteran in the regular season and knows his body over the years, so let’s hope the struggles end up to be just talk than reality.

Moving on…

This week, the Oriole Post along with several other prominent bloggers and writers were asked a question by the Hot Stove website about the Orioles. The question this week was centered around Josh Bell and if he’s going to make the Orioles’ 25-man roster out of camp in Florida.

As hot as Josh Bell has been at the plate – at least in the first week, he will not be on the Opening Day roster at all. In light of Josh’s early success at the plate this Spring, the Orioles for now will try to have him dominate in Triple-A Norfolk.

Right now, the third baseman needs to work on his switch hitting and as well as his fielding.

Granted, his future is with his bat, so he’s not expected to become the next Brooks Robinson; however, the team will not rush him at all and will make him prove that he belongs as a Baltimore Oriole. If Josh Bell has a good first half in the minors, then he may be brought up in the second half of 2010, or when rosters expand in September. He may also be held back from the majors until 2011.

Right now, Bell’s immediate future will depend on how well he does in Triple-A Norfolk.