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As of today, one of the better pitchers on the market, Ben Sheets is currently without a job. Although he’s very talented, and when ‘on’, Sheets is a potential ace — however, his reputation as fragile has perhaps cost him a long-term deal.

That being said, with the state the Orioles are in — and of course we need the pitching — should we take a chance on the hurler? As controversial as a move might be for some, we might be able to get him at a reasonable cost, and he may be one of those guys out there who will definitely Baltimore better.

Right now, the rewards definitely outweighs the risk with Sheets; however, the money he wants — plus the injury history — may be more than the Orioles may be willing to pay. However, if the team really wants to make a splash, take a flier on him and see if he takes it.

He’s been injury prone, but he racked up a lot of innings until the last few weeks of the season in ’08, and then sat out of the playoffs (which really hurt his value).

Granted, Sheets may want a multi-year and I’m sure would want to play for a winner, if he would be willing to sign for a year or two with Baltimore, he could perform in a low-stress environment and also build up his value again.

All things considered, I would love to see Sheets in a Baltimore uniform. He would be a lot better than our other options — including Guthrie — if healthy.