Bedard and the Orioles…

No one really knows if Bedard is ready to come back or if he’s fully healthy, but he should be able to pitch in the early/mid part of 2010. Despite questions about his makeup, desire, and durability, the southpaw can pitch, and he’ll be in demand — if and when he’s ready to pitch.

So far, he’s not said much – if anything all – nor, have I heard his name elsewhere when it comes to rumors.

This is what I have found about Bedard so far on various websites. I’d take everything with a grain of salt. I really don’t think anyone knows anything pertaining to him as of yet…


From the Seattle Times: In other health news, Griffin is monitoring free-agent pitcher Erik Bedard. While he reports Bedard is playing catch and “feeling very good” in his recovery from shoulder surgery on Aug. 14, Griffin added, “When he had his surgery last year, Dr. (Lewis) Yocum said it was a 10- to 12-month process, and he’s at about seven months now. He has a ways to go, but he’s working and rehabbing.”

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Kansas City Star reporter Sam Mellinger reported Thursday morning on his Twitter page that the Royals are interested in oft-injured left-handed free agent Erik Bedard.

“Continuing to hear the Royals are looking into Erik Bedard, but facing some real risk vs. reward,” Mellinger wrote. “He’s one of the best when healthy, but has thrown 164 innings combined the last two seasons, and never thrown 200 (196 in ’06). And that was before surgery, and (he’s) turning 31.”

— snip —

Even with his injury history, Bedard might be out of the stingy Royals’ price range. Mellinger isn’t optimistic that the team will sign him. “For whatever it’s worth, it feels unlikely,” Mellinger wrote.

Bedard reportedly has received interest from the Chicago Cubs and the Orioles, among other teams.

From ESPN (Jayson Stark): Miguel Tejada might not be the last ex-Oriole to pull back into Camden Yards this winter. The Orioles also have been working on bringing back their old amigo, Erik Bedard. And according to a source familiar with Bedard’s thinking, that interest is “mutual.” Whether they can agree on price, in the wake of the Ben Sheets contract, is another story.

From the Washington Post: The big question for the Orioles regarding Bedard, as it will be for every other team, is the state of his surgically repaired left shoulder. The Orioles’ medical staff is expected to examine Bedard’s medical records in the coming days.

“His name’s on the board, just like there’s a lot of other guys’ names on the board,” Orioles Manager Dave Trembley said. “[But] I don’t think we’re in position to get a guy [who’s] not ready to pitch until June. I think if we get a guy, we need a guy who’s going to pitch at the beginning of the year.”


I have feeling that Bedard will end up in Baltimore when all is said and done as.

He’ll obviously accept an incentive laden-deal, but his upside can be so good — despite everything — that Bedard could help any club he signs with.