Are the 6-Game Plans Gone? Quick Hits & Around the Blogosphere…

It’s cold, it’s very cold out up here in Maryland. Well, it’s only two more weeks until Florida and I can’t wait to head South and out of the cold for a few.

I was scouring some of the blogs, and other media sites this evening and WNST’s Drew Forrester along with a few others have found that you cannot find the 6-game plans that have been available on the Orioles website in the past. Well, I took a look at the page and you indeed cannot see them. You can now only find 81, 29, and four 13 game season ticket plans for sale.

Drew was able to note on his post that the team is indeed selling them — however, you are probably better off calling the team to get your hands on them. I can understand that the team would want to sell more tickets and have fans commit to to more games — simply, revenue drives things and obviously selling tickets; however, considering the state of the economy and the hardships some face currently, it may be hard for people to commit to a season plan — whether it’s a cost or time issue.

The team should make the 6-game plan available once more for people who want them.

In addition, now fans who want Opening Day tickets at Camden Yards when the O’s face the Yankees on April 6th seem to be required to purchase a 81 or game plan. I don’t agree with this either, but I guess it makes business sense to get more bodies into the park for the non-marquee games.