Adam Jones: Should He Stay With the O’s Long-Term, Or Go?

During the offseason, one the biggest names on the Orioles – Adam Jones – was a target of trade rumors, specifically with the Atlanta Braves for pitcher Jair Jurrjens and infielder Martin Prado.

Baltimore didn’t wind up trading Jones as we all know; however, will he stay with Orioles throughout his career, move to greener pastures, or go to a winner?

Jones’ profile has risen in the game, and he has steadily improved over the past few years. One would think considering the Orioles are mired in a 14-year losing skid, perhaps trading away Jones for young pieces to build on is a prudent move.

Based on what I’ve read, Dan Duquette wants to keep Jones – then again, isn’t ignoring offers for him. I would imagine it would take quite a haul to acquire Jones, and a lot of teams right now won’t give up what it would take.

Another issue is whether Jones would want to stay in Baltimore. Based on what I got from FanFest, it remains to be seen.

From’s Steve Melewski: Orioles center fielder Adam Jones knew when he saw reporters today (at FanFest) that someone would ask him about all the trade talk in which his name has surfaced in recent weeks.

“I knew that question was coming. No one has ever talked to me about it, so I think, rumors are what they are. Leave it at that, nothing more I can say about it,” Jones said.

Jones was asked if he was open to discussing a contract extension if the Orioles approach him this winter.

“That’s up to them; the ball is in their court. Nothing is up to me. I’m under team control for two years,” he said.


“I like Baltimore. I’ve planted some roots here and I like working in the city. If I am fortunate enough to be here a long time, I can build trees from those roots. I’m from California, but that doesn’t mean anything about my career. I just live in California,” he said.

Jones was asked if he thinks the team will be approaching him about an extension soon.

“I guess we’ll see. We’ve got plenty of time, we’ve got two years. The next few weeks leading up to spring training, it will be interesting to see how that all turns out,” he said.

I would think at the moment, the Orioles are taking their due diligence in whether or not they want to sign Jones to a long-term deal.

A lot of teams are taking an aggressive approach in signing their young stars – and taking a risk, sort of like the Rockies did with Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. Keep in mind, former GM Andy MacPhail signed Nick Markakis to six-year contract a few years ago.

I have mused about Jones with a few people over the past year and whether he’s stays in Baltimore – or not for the long haul.

Some think he will stay in Baltimore long-term; however, a few also think he will be traded.

Personally, if I were Jones – and cared about winning – I’d wait and go year to year before deciding on my future.

I would think every player in the majors would want to go to a contender, and it does no good for Jones to sign a long-term deal if he feels that the franchise isn’t exactly moving forward.

As well, if you consider his rising stature, he may be better off waiting until free agency.

On the other hand, if he wants the money and long-term financial security at a young age, perhaps he should sign a big deal with the Orioles and get it done with soon.

What do you all think?